Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GameStop has it all!

As soon as the temperature rises and school starts winding down, kids nationwide begin preparing for summer vacation. For us parents, this "vacation" can sometimes be anything but, as those so-called lazy days of summer often mean more time spent shuttling kids to and from friends' houses, the pool, and summer camp. It also means we're on the lookout for fun and safe activities that will keep the whole family entertained and fill the endless days of summer.

As we gear up for summer, MomCentral is spreading the word to moms to think of GameStop as a family-friendly source for video games of all kinds and for all ages, from Final Fantasy VII and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to Crosswords DS (a nice option just in case Mom or Dad can squeeze in a turn). I also love that the GameStop employees I've run into always seem to have helpful suggestion while keeping in mind the ESRB standards. In fact, they will actually refuse to sell mature-content games to a child who isn't of the appropriate age. And they're also incredibly helpful to a sad mom who doesn't have a clue as to what her teens are playing these days, never mind on what platform. With the XBox, the WII, and Playstation3, I don't know how anyone can keep track of what game plays on what platform, but the Gamestop folks are great with this kid of help!

With the rise in popularity of gaming, it seems like every week there's a new game my kids are pleading for, and yet a week later it's in the corner and they're on to begging for the next one. Thankfully, GameStop offers a trade-in program that lets you bring in the old games and get credit towards new titles or systems (especially important with the way the economy is going). In addition to keeping more money in your pocket, this will help ensure that your whole family has fun all summer long. GameStop also sells used games, which is an excellent option when you're spending money on pricey games. Every used game is checked out before they sell it, to ensure that it works correctly and has been cleaned off the former owners scores.

One of the things we seem to spend Gift money on are the "essential" peripherals, like extra controllers for when you have a bunch of friends over.

Another thing I love about our local GameStop is it's location. Ours happens to be in a strip mall right next to both DSW and Old Navy. If I need to get my teen son new shoes or clothing and he's, say, resistant to shopping, I can always bribe him with a trip to GameStop. Heh. Us moms have to be crafty, eh?

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