Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A sight you've never seen before

And will probably never see again.

This is Route 128, aka Rt 95 which makes an inner loop around the city of Boston.

This is at 2:30 pm on a Friday.

There are no cars in front of us.

There are no cars behind us.

There are state troopers blocking off every single entrance between Newton and Sharon disallowing anyone to get on the highway.

Not one single car.

Except a very long funeral procession.

The cleared the highway just for us.

This wasn't a famous person. He wasn't a government official. He was just a guy, an engineer, a dad, a husband, a boy scout leader. Nobody you've ever heard of.

But for some reason, which nobody seems to know why, they closed the entire highway for his funeral.

The procession went 35 miles a hour down the empty highway. It was decidedly weird.

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