Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pixar scores big with UP

Today my son and I went to see UP. We both loved the movie. I'll say right up front that this was a near flawless film and it was one of the few animated films that kept me captivated every single second of the film. Pixar movies just keep getting better and better. I didn't think they could top Wall-E, but I think they did with UP.

A few comments. I do not think that this is a great film for very young kids. There were plenty of the two-year old set at our matinee and a lot of serious crying at the scary parts. And there are a couple of REALLY scary parts.

If you have a child that is unsure or unfamiliar with dogs, you're going to have a lot of explaining to do. This film does not portray dogs in the best light, especially pit bull-type dogs. They were scary and threatening and I know that my children would have been scared within an inch of their lives had them been younger than 5 or 6.

Adults should bring a hankie with them. This is a very poignant film with some pretty adult themes, like infertility, and it's a real tearjerker. The love story you've heard about is lovely, but death is going to be hard for young kids to handle.

Otherwise, loved everything about it. There were a lot of good laughs, especially around the young scout who reminded me so much of my own son. Ed Asner did a magnificent job of combining his curmudgeon side and his very loveable side. He's always been one of my favorite character actors anyhow, but now my love for him is even stronger.

Doug the dog. Hilarious. So sweet and so misunderstood. He was the only nice dog in the entire lot of dogs, and I like that they made him a golden retriever rather than a doberman, rottweiller, or pit bull like the other dogs. It made him easily distinguishable for younger kids.

The house. It flew by balloons. Incredulous, but hey, it's a movie.

The bad guy was really really bad and he brought the tension up every time he appeared on screen. And the fact that he was living in an airship from the 40's kinda bothered me. Just how did he keep the zeppelin inflated? And what was he feeding those dogs and how did he get that food all the way up atop paradise falls? Hmmmm.

I highly recommend this film and give it my 5 popcorns stamp of approval!